Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

So I took this picture last week for this photo a day challenge I am doing over on instagram. The day's challenge was to take a picture of a reflection so I snapped this pic of me and Everly looking into a big mirror that we have hanging in our stairwell. I didn't even notice until Justin pointed it out to me later that our kitty Oscar snuck into the picture at the top of the staircase! What a cutie! Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fitness Challenge

So post-pregnancy, I really have not done anything to become pro-active in losing the baby weight. I have started soccer back up once a week and I have gone on a few jogs and walks and played tennis a couple of times but I am ready to seriously start working hard. I want to start feeling better, and I know that losing weight will help that. Luckily, I have a pretty awesome friend who is an amazing personal trainer. She is running a fitness challenge that starts 1 week from today and ends April 8th and Justin and I are both going to do it. You can check out the details of the challenge and join yourself, here!  I know it is going to be tough, but I like to win stuff so I am hoping that the opportunity to win some money will motivate me to take this challenge seriously. Also, Justin and I are doing the Pat's Run April 21st so this will help us get ready for that. It will be my 4th time doing the Pat Tillman Run and I would really like to not embarass myself! I am going to miss bread and icecream but I think I am really going to enjoy fitting into clothes comfortably again! This is a pic from the summer Justin and I started dating. We both looked so skinny and young!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

Kitty bib..haha. This guy has been so energetic lately. I don't know what has gotten into him. He got these little goldfish toys for Christmas and we will be down stairs and we can hear him sprinting around upstairs chasing these goldfish around. It sounds like thunder! I know the goldfish have a little catnip in them. but jeez! It's weird, sometimes he gets really excited over catnip and other times he doesn't care. Whatever it is, he loves those goldfish. Thanks Mom for the great present! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Living on Love Challenge

Living on Love Monthly Challenge
One of the blogs I read is doing a monthly challenge where there will be a new challenge each month and I thought it would be fun to do. The January challenge is to enjoy a FREE family outing. Well, it is not hard for us to get out this time of year because we have really easy winters so this was pretty easy for us. Plus, we are pretty active so there was a lot to choose from. We have gotten back into playing tennis since my sister moved back to Arizona so I thought I would share that for the challenge. Last monday night we headed over to the park and played a little tennis. It is a great workout and baby Everly was really great the whole time. She was just laying in her stroller entertaining herself. Here are a few pics from the evening...

Future tennis player?

Yes...we wear shorts in January!

Herbie the ball boy

My sis Krystn

Krystyn's fiance Tony

My little sis Katy

Action shot!

I am already looking forward to next month's challenge!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Roi Beagle!

Today is my beagle's birthday! He is 2 years old! I love this little guy. He can be a handful but he just cracks me up most of the time. He loves to run and be chased by big dogs at the dog park. He has calmed down a lot in the past year since we got him a sister (Minnie) to play with. He has also started to put on some pounds :( He has a little chub around his collar now! Hopefully our next house will have a slightly bigger yard so he can get more daily running in! I remember when we first got him he would not leave our side. He is much more adventurous now...but he got out once and he came straight back home so I am not too worried about him. He loves us and we love him! Happy Birthday Roi! You will be getting your birthday Frosty Paws ice cream treat tonight!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Professional Pictures!

So the company that took pictures of Everly in the hospital came out a couple of weeks ago and took more pictures of Everly. The shoot was free and we could get one 5x7 for free....bought of course, I bought more. I know I fell for their trap, but I don't feel bad about it because they are some really cute pictures! Here are a few of my faves...

We are going to have more taken when Cameron turns 1 and then when Everly turns 1! I can't wait to see how those turn out!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

So you know how they say that when a woman gets pregnant and gains weight often the husband also gains weight. Well in my case, my kitty gained weight. My beagle gained weight too but this is not beagle love friday! He is only a couple of pounds over weight but he is less active because he is getting older so I think that is where his problem is. It normally isn't so obvious, but I snapped this pic of him yesterday morning and his kitty rolls make him look so fat :( Poor kitty.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Instagram Photos

Here are some instagram photos from lately...

Lunch with Grandpa

Pasta with Pancetta and Brussel Sprouts


Swim Class!

2 months and 3 months!

If you don't have instagram, it better be because you don't have an iphone. Otherwise get it! It is free!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Planning our 1st Family Vacation

We are super excited to start planning our first family vacation with our new baby girl. We have decided to take a trip to St. Simons Island which is just off the coast of Georgia. The past few years our vacations have revolved around family weddings and concerts so it is really cool to plan a vacation just because! I have one aunt and uncle that live in St. Simons year-round and then another aunt that has a condo there. It seems like everyone has been to St. Simons except for us, so we are really excited to go. We plan on going at the end of June so Everly will be almost 9 months old and hopefully not too difficult to travel with. Yay! Can't wait!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

So our cat's name is Oscar in case you didn't know that. Whenever we see places that include the name Oscar we always make some sort of joke about it or something. We used to drive by this place called Oscar's Pizza and kept saying we needed to go there sometime. Well, I got an email from one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano's, with a deal for $5 one of their new featured entrees. One of the featured entrees is Salmon Oscar and it made me laugh and so I sent it to my husband. This morning he texted me this...

 I don't even like salmon and it does look pretty good...Here is the best pic I could snag of it! Happy Friday!

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