Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nursery Update!

Justin and I have been working on adding some art and decorations in Everly's nursery for a while now. Thanks to some awesome birthday gifts and finding some frames, we finally have enough to post about. One of my favorite items is this print from Sycamore Street Press.

Justin got it for me for my birthday and it is hand-printed on a vintage letterpress. This company is on Etsy but you can also get to their shop from the link above. They have some really cute prints, it was hard to decide on this one. Eventually, this will be the corner with the rocking chair so we thought that this print would be appropriate here. A few weeks ago we also found this picture at Kohl's...

It is hanging above the closet and we like it because it continues with our owl them and it kind of has a Beatles lyric in we bought it with a coupon! Continuing on with the owl theme are a couple of owls we purchased. The one on the left below is from Urban Outfitters and is actually a little bank and the one on the right is from West Elm. We love both of them.

These next two items are some pottery that Justin and I painted on a date night a few weeks ago. He painted the little puppy and I painted the owl. We had a lot of fun painting these for Everly. 

This last area is a work in progress. We wanted to have a little collage of prints and pictures above the changing table area and are not quite done yet. 

The one on the right is something I just typed up on the computer after finding it on Etsy at a price I didn't want to pay. We like it because it is actually in a Dave Matthews Band song (So Much to Say). The picture of the birds on the wire is something my sister got me on clearance at Target and I love it because it fits with the decals and it reminds me of
a Regina Spektor song (Two Birds). Last, the owl on the right is something we have wanted since we began the nursery. It is a print by artist Matte Stephens. You can check out his Etsy shop here. He makes some really cool art! Justin's sister's family actually got it for me for my birthday and I love it and am so glad it is finally up!

Also, our beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag arrived in the mail this weekend. I never thought I could love a diaper bag so much, but hey, I am going to be carrying this thing around a lot! 

Hope you all had a great weekend and if you don't mind clicking on the link below to vote for us on Top Baby Blogs we would really appreciate it!

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