Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Milestone: Walking!

Over a week ago Aspen took 1 tiny step by herself while we were in Palm Springs but we didn't catch it on video. This past weekend she started working on it much more and we did catch a couple of clips on our phone. She still looks too tiny to me to start walking but she's my baby so I'm probably biased. She does this one thing where she just moves one foot and pivots around that is pretty funny. I think that she will really start getting more confident because she is in daycare all day and gets to see other kids walking around. We are so proud of our little squishy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Everly's First Preschool Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago Everly was invited to her first birthday party from one of the students in her class. The lazy person in me didn't really want to go but I know how good these types of events are for her socialization so we decided to go. The party was also at Chuck E. Cheese and I knew she would love it. I ended up having Aspen with my as well, which was not ideal, but Justin was taking Roi to the vet so it was the best option. She was okay. She snacked on French fries and rode a couple of rides with Everly, but it would have been a little easier without her. She finally fell asleep in the Ergo about 10 minutes before we left! Everly had fun playing games and eating Pizza and was quite mesmerized by the Chuck E. Cheese characters on the stage. I can't believe they still have those things, haha. She loved ski ball and I loved this crane/operation game. One of the rides even takes your picture while you are on it which was funny. Since we are going to Peter Piper Pizza for her birthday next weekend, I think this made her a little more excited. Her favorite part was the goody bag and the cup with a silly straw that she got to take home. She loves party swag. Her least favorite part was the cake. She doesn't care about cake. Wish I could say the same! She has some work to do on socializing with her peers, but she had fun and we can't wait for her party next week!

IMG_0191 IMG_0193
coolest game ever!
IMG_0202 IMG_0242 IMG_0240 IMG_0219
I kind of think its creepy TBH
We didn't know when they were going to take the picture.
IMG_0209 IMG_0207
Pizza and French fries

And a quick little video because her ski ball skills are hilarious!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend in Review

Another good weekend in the books. It started off Friday night with a trip to Target to get a present for Everly's first preschool birthday party on Saturday (separate post coming). We ended up looking in the Halloween section and was disappointed with how crappy the costumes all seemed. Saturday morning I got up early and ran 8 miles with my sisters. Not easy, but nice to get it done. We had bagels at my sister's after because if you run 8 miles, you get to eat a bagel. On Saturday evening we went to my mom's house to watch my sister Katy's soccer game. It was being streamed online so we played it through the apple tv. They tied but still a much more enjoyable game to watch then seeing ASU get killed. Sunday morning we got up early to get pictures taken. These pictures were to document Aspen turning 1 and Everly turning 4 in 1 week as well as be used for Christmas cards. It will be a couple weeks before we get the pictures but below are a couple I snapped on my iphone. Getting up at 4 AM both weekend days meant I needed a nap so I definitely did some napping. Sunday evening we went back to my sister's for dinner and had some yummy burrito bowls. One of my favorite meals. This week we need to get ready for Everly's 4th birthday party next Sunday. We are doing low-maintenance and having it at Peter Piper Pizza, but I do need to make some gift bags so that is my project for the week!

this costume was actually cool.
hills and wind are not cool
loving on baby mae
Katy on the tv
not in the best mood that morning but hopefully we got some decent pictures
she kills me

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekend In Review: Palm Springs Wedding Edition

Last weekend we were so excited to be able to attend a beautiful wedding in Palm Springs to see Justin's cousin Katie get married. Justin's cousin lives in LA but the rest of her family is in Utah and so we don't get to see them often. Palm Springs is only a 4 hour drive for us so we were really looking forward to seeing everyone. We hadn't seen most of them since being in Utah for a Dave Matthews concert 5 years ago before we were married or had any kids so it was definitely time to see everyone again. I worked a half day on Friday before we grabbed some Dutch Bros and hit the road a little after lunch. The girls were great and napped for part of the drive. We stayed at the same Choice Hotel as Justin's brother and sister thanks to their awesome family discount and his other two siblings were at a different choice property down the road. On Friday night we went for pizza and it ended up being really good. For me, Pizza always tends to be the easiest for large groups and Upper Crust in Palm Springs did not disappoint. Nothing fancy, just good hot pizza and pitchers of beer. Friday night everyone else was going to the estate where the wedding would be the next day to hang out for a pool party but that didn't start until 9:00 p.m. so with 2 littles and an early morning run planned we made it an early night. Thankfully our brother-in-law Mark came over to our hotel room at 5:00 AM so that Justin and I could run 7 miles together. It always feels good to get a long run in and Justin and I don't get to run together often so it was nice. Next time, I will pick a more simple route because it was dark and we only had 1 headlamp and missed a turn, but we got in our 7 so it is all good. Justin and I took the girls for a little outlet mall shopping and then I met my sister-in-laws at Sephora to get my makeup done for the wedding while the girls napped. The wedding was at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon at the Cree Estate. It was a really cool property with multiple pools and the bride and groom were staying there too which I imagine made everything a lot easier. The ceremony was short but fun and sweet and different. I love weddings so it is always fun to see everyone's different take on what they want their day to be like. During cocktail hour, Everly met a little boy that she played and danced with the rest of the night. Also during cocktail hour, Aspen took her first real step. It was just one step, and we didn't get it on video, but it was perfect. The dinner was really yummy. They had a buffet from a BBQ food truck and I am usually pretty picky about my beef but they carved it right there and it was sooooooooooooo perfect. Everly had lots of fun dancing the night away and there were even sparklers! It was a super fun wedding and we are so glad we got to go and see everyone. On Sunday morning we slept in a little and then grabbed coffee before heading back home. The girls had their Cardinals outfits on for the game and we even made a quick pit stop at our favorite Blythe spots (Starbucks and Teddy's donuts). We got home around lunch on Sunday so it was perfect even though we were all pretty exhausted (I took a 2 hour nap). Thank you to my mom and brother-in-law for feeding our pets (even though my mom skipped two of Oscar's meals, haha, he was pissed). No more trips for us until our 5 year anniversary trip to Portland in November which will be kid-free! Here are some pictures and a video from the weekend:

IMG_0065 IMG_0066
Big Dutch Bros = mandatory potty break in Quartzite
carb loading
runner's high
IMG_0079 IMG_0081
matching jammies
IMG_0085 IMG_0086
my sister let us use her portable high chair and Ev got a hotel mani/pedi
Thanks for the pic Berkley!
She was so independent all weekend long.
Aspen's signature smirk. (Ev was at the kid's table)
IMG_0100 IMG_0101
The kids table disposable camera is filled with selfies of Everly. The kid next to her was her buddy all night long.
IMG_0102 IMG_0103
oh, Aspen!
Justin and his siblings! Great shot, Mandy!
Go Cards!
sad the weekend is over!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Urban Ale Trail 2015

Last Saturday I tagged along with my sister-in-laws and my sister at the Urban Ale Trail hosted by Downtown Phoenix. I love beer and I love Downtown Phoenix so it was hard to say no even though I had a million other things going on that weekend. I actually one a free filled growler a few days before the event from a Facebook post. After I picked up Everly from school Friday we headed to First Draft Book Bar (one of the stops on the trail) at Changing Hands Bookstore to pick up the growler and take home to Justin. We stumbled into a reading of "The Day the Crayons Came Home" by the author Drew Daywalt and it was awesome. We have his first book and the sequel is just as fun. Everly asked me if she could go sit with the other kids. She is becoming so indpenendent. We ended up buying some books and she got her face painted. It was a really fun little surprise evening. I also felt better about leaving Justin home to watch the girls knowing that I was bringing him a growler of beer. On Saturday, my brother-in-law Tony was very kind to be our DD. We started at the District in the Sheraton because the first 300 people got a free (unfilled) growler. All of the places along the trail had snacks and $1 or $2 4 oz. pours, although, V's Barbershop gave us a full bottle! We also stopped into The Duce, Filmbar, Carly's Bistro, and Short Leash. It was hot, and they definitely have some kinks to iron out as it was only the second year of the trail, but I still had fun. Best part, was definitely the fried pickles at Short Leash. Need to go back there!

IMG_9904 IMG_9927
walked away with 2 new free growlers that weekend (one filled)
inner thigh growler hold
IMG_9932 IMG_9934
on our 2 mile hike to the duce Carly needed to do some sawing
in a glass cage of emotion
at carly's bistro which had yummy hummus
beer from Nebraska at Short Leash

Friday, September 18, 2015

Aspen's Birthday Party

Last Sunday we held a little birthday brunch for Aspen since her birthday fell on Wednesday and we will be in California this weekend. I know now that the less I have to do, the more successful and enjoyable parties are for everyone so we kept it simple with a brunch. . Also, who doesn't love brunch?? Both of my sisters helped a ton so I could not have done it without them. We bought mini quiches from Costco and then I made mini pumpkin muffins, Justin made ham and cheese sandwiches, my sister brought fruit and we also had donut holes and chex mix for snacking. We served coffee and had a mimosa bar because what is a brunch without champagne?!? A lot of the kids played up in the toy room and Cameron even had a therapy session going on at that time to work on him playing and engaging with others. The loose theme of the party was a "hot air balloon" party so there were corresponding decorations around the house that went along with the invitation for her party. I think it turned out pretty cute even though I may have gone a little overboard on the pink. Aspen loved her smash cake and you will see pictures of her sad face when we took it away! That girl loves cake! I am so grateful for all of the people who were able to come out and celebrate Aspen with us this weekend. I love having our house full of friends and kids! Here is the video from her party and a few pictures as well!
Invite designed by The Milk and Cream Co on Etsy and then printed at Costco.
IMG_9950 IMG_9951
IMG_9962 IMG_9949
A display of Aspen's monthly pictures!
My favorite pic of the day.
kids and cupcakes
Why would you take cake away from a baby?
Happy Birthday Aspen!

Weekend in Review

Summer is basically here and we are already in full on pool season. On Friday I had the day off so I spent some time with Aspen and took he...