Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend in Review

Another good weekend in the books. It started off Friday night with a trip to Target to get a present for Everly's first preschool birthday party on Saturday (separate post coming). We ended up looking in the Halloween section and was disappointed with how crappy the costumes all seemed. Saturday morning I got up early and ran 8 miles with my sisters. Not easy, but nice to get it done. We had bagels at my sister's after because if you run 8 miles, you get to eat a bagel. On Saturday evening we went to my mom's house to watch my sister Katy's soccer game. It was being streamed online so we played it through the apple tv. They tied but still a much more enjoyable game to watch then seeing ASU get killed. Sunday morning we got up early to get pictures taken. These pictures were to document Aspen turning 1 and Everly turning 4 in 1 week as well as be used for Christmas cards. It will be a couple weeks before we get the pictures but below are a couple I snapped on my iphone. Getting up at 4 AM both weekend days meant I needed a nap so I definitely did some napping. Sunday evening we went back to my sister's for dinner and had some yummy burrito bowls. One of my favorite meals. This week we need to get ready for Everly's 4th birthday party next Sunday. We are doing low-maintenance and having it at Peter Piper Pizza, but I do need to make some gift bags so that is my project for the week!

this costume was actually cool.
hills and wind are not cool
loving on baby mae
Katy on the tv
not in the best mood that morning but hopefully we got some decent pictures
she kills me

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Weekend in Review

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