Wednesday, September 2, 2015

So Close to Walking!

One of the biggest things I have learned while being a mother to two is that it is sooo hard not to compare your kids. Especially with how much things are documented and timehop and what not, I am constantly reminded of what Everly was doing at this age and comparing to what Aspen is doing. Aspen is much quieter than Everly was and much more chill. She is eating very good like her sister did, but it took a while. She is a very good sleeper but only in a crib (not so much in a carseat). At this point Everly was moving around a ton and getting into everything and we didn't really think Aspen was showing any signs of walking (never uses the walking toy). All of the sudden she started to try and stand up unassisted and has now been trying that a ton lately. I remember that it took Everly forever to do this. She was taking steps from furniture pieces to us around a year old but would not just stand up unassisted until about 15 months old. Aspen seems to be doing things the other way around. During story time last night she stood up on her own and stayed standing for several seconds and Justin and I just started laughing. It is soo cute and she just looks too tiny to be a walker! No attempts at unassisted steps yet but here is a little video of some of her progress lately (which is hard to catch on video)!

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