Monday, September 21, 2015

Urban Ale Trail 2015

Last Saturday I tagged along with my sister-in-laws and my sister at the Urban Ale Trail hosted by Downtown Phoenix. I love beer and I love Downtown Phoenix so it was hard to say no even though I had a million other things going on that weekend. I actually one a free filled growler a few days before the event from a Facebook post. After I picked up Everly from school Friday we headed to First Draft Book Bar (one of the stops on the trail) at Changing Hands Bookstore to pick up the growler and take home to Justin. We stumbled into a reading of "The Day the Crayons Came Home" by the author Drew Daywalt and it was awesome. We have his first book and the sequel is just as fun. Everly asked me if she could go sit with the other kids. She is becoming so indpenendent. We ended up buying some books and she got her face painted. It was a really fun little surprise evening. I also felt better about leaving Justin home to watch the girls knowing that I was bringing him a growler of beer. On Saturday, my brother-in-law Tony was very kind to be our DD. We started at the District in the Sheraton because the first 300 people got a free (unfilled) growler. All of the places along the trail had snacks and $1 or $2 4 oz. pours, although, V's Barbershop gave us a full bottle! We also stopped into The Duce, Filmbar, Carly's Bistro, and Short Leash. It was hot, and they definitely have some kinks to iron out as it was only the second year of the trail, but I still had fun. Best part, was definitely the fried pickles at Short Leash. Need to go back there!

IMG_9904 IMG_9927
walked away with 2 new free growlers that weekend (one filled)
inner thigh growler hold
IMG_9932 IMG_9934
on our 2 mile hike to the duce Carly needed to do some sawing
in a glass cage of emotion
at carly's bistro which had yummy hummus
beer from Nebraska at Short Leash

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