Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's 50th Birthday so I wanted to add a special post to say Happy Birthday! My mom is a supermom and super grandma! This weekend we took her to get her nails done and then we went out to dinner to celebrate. Here are a few pics from our dinner...

Cam, Kim, and Doug

Tony and Krys with her fake smile! 
Katy and Mom

Me, Justin and Everly

Jess and Kory

Loves her papa!

Loves her grandma!

Meat on a plate

Baked Ziti

Chicken Parm


Singing happy bday to Grandma! (Cam just learned to clap!)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

So as I have said before on here, Oscar often joins me in the morning when I pump. Well the other morning he actually had the nerve to try and drink my milk and I snapped a picture of him before shooing him away.

I don't know why this guy thinks he can get away with anything! In other news, this week Everly rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time. I was so excited and proud when I saw her do it. We also have a fairly busy weekend coming up and for me it is a 3-day weekend! Tomorrow we are going to go for a hike in the morning and try to bring the dogs so we will see how that goes. Then in the afternoon we are going to the Arizona Strong Beer Festival which is the beginning of Arizona Beer Week! On Sunday we are having breakfast with Justin's Aunt and Uncle who are in town from Utah and I am super excited for the family to get together and see Everly. She has changed so much in the past week! Then Sunday afternoon I have a soccer game so I am going to be one exhausted lady Sunday night...but atleast I get Monday to recover!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Night's Dinner

Our Valentine's Dinner at True Food Kitchen was delicious. We both got to try some things we never had before and our entree's were still pretty healthy. We sat on the covered patio which was heated and very nice and shared a bottle of red wine. It was a lot of fun! Here is what we had...

We shared a gluten free chicken sausage pizza with fennel

I had sea bass with peruvian purple potatoes and brussel sprouts with Umami
Justin had Salmon with quinoa and beets and a lemon salad
 For dessert we were supposed to have a trio of desserts which included a sorbet, some banana thing and then this flourless chocolate cake. I don't mess around and so we just had them give us a trio of chocolate cakes instead..haha. It was rich but I am a chocolate lover so it was yummy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Everly just wanted to stop in and say Happy Valentine's Day (and happy 100th B-day Arizona and one of Ev's babysitters Ashley!). Justin and I will be going out for a tasty dinner tonight while Grandma watches Ev. Hope you have a love filled day!

*Be Mine hat made by my sis Kim Rohr :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Arizona Best Fest

Tomorrow is Arizona's birthday and this year is very special because it is the Centennial as AZ was established as a state in 1912. There have been events going on all year all over the state to celebrate it and this past weekend was the big AZ Best Fest in downtown Phoenix. It was a FREE festival to celebrate the centennial and it was awesome! Everly and I went with my sister Kim, her husband, Doug, and little Cameron as well as my sister Krystyn and her fiance, Tony. We all packed into one car (it was tight) and headed down to the festival around noon on Saturday. It could not have been a more perfect day out. First of all, I must start with the fact that you won't see Justin in any photos because he had to work :( and you will only see this one of Everly because she slept the ENTIRE time.

She didn't wake up until we were leaving and was super cute on the ride home!

The festival had a ton of different activities. We started off in the sports section which had a lot of history about all of AZ sports. It was really cool.

ASU is very proud over their Nebraska victory in 1996!

The Rohr Family with the AZ Cardinals mascot Big Red!

There were also lots of different vendors sponsoring the event with different activities. One sponsor was Extra gum which also sponsors some soccer team and so they had a little shooting area. Both of these two played college soccer but none of us made it in!

Kim shooting
Doug shooting

Another sponsor was Shamrock Farms. They had a few different activities. One was milking a cow as much as you could in 30 seconds and Tony took this pretty seriously. It was pretty funny.

"I'm from Nebraska" Haha!
They also gave away little stickers and tattoos and FREE chocolate milk and you got to spin the wheel for a prize! We won a free ticket to the Shamrock Farms Tour, which I never knew existed and looks pretty cool! 

Krystyn putting on her milk mustache!

Me with my milk mustache that just looks like a bandaid..haha!

Cam and his crown :)
  We moved on to the carnival games next which was a lot of fun. Cam caught some fish and won a monkey!

Yay! I won! p.s. check out Kim's cow tattoo!


Tony shooting

At this point we got pretty hungry! They had lots of food vendors and I was most excited about the food trucks! I ate from the Super Farm Food truck and it was delicious.

Yummy pulled pork and spicy cole slaw!

Krystyn with her corn!
Tony and his fry bread!
Really...does it get any cuter!
Jets flying over during our lunch

Yay Arizona!

Next we moved on to my favorite part...the beer garden! We got to sample a bunch of tasty beers and the favorite of the day was probably the Ponderosa IPA from the Prescott Brewing Company!

The beer made Cam sleepy :)

After the beer tasting we tried our luck once more at this very difficult game where you toss a ball into a bucket. I know it doesn't sound hard but the angle made it just kept bouncing out! We were not really successful but Doug still won a Hulk for Cameron!

We ended the day with the boys sharing an icee (how cute) and the girls sharing some fry bread with cinnamon and sugar! Yummy!

 Check out this hilarious couple full of USA pride that we saw on the way out and then these adorable pictures of Everly in the car on the way home :)

We had so much fun and kept saying how much we wished they would have this festival every year!

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