Friday, July 27, 2012

Splash Pad Fun!

We have a pool in our community and we love taking the babies their during the summer, but sometimes you need to mix it up a little. Luckily, in AZ there are lots of splash pads around. Basically, they are fountains that kids can play in! Both Everly and her cousin Cameron love the splash pads. They have hit up a few different ones this summer and I know there are plenty more we haven't gone too!

The one at the Phoenix Zoo is by far the best! It has a cave with waterfalls and a little slide. My sister has a membership so we can get in free and it has definitely paid for itself. The splash pad at the Scottsdale Quarter is the next best. It is not too busy and the fountains are a good temperature and don't spray too crazy. Desert Ridge is okay but it can get pretty busy and their fountains are kind of lame and then Anthem is probably the worst. If you have little ones I definitely recommend taking them to a splash pad before summer is over!

Lounging after the Anthem Splash pad

The Scottsdale Quarter

Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge

The Zoo

The Zoo

The Zoo

The Zoo

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Build a Bear

Last month my mom and sisters took Everly to Build a Bear for her first time ever. She actually ended up making a bunny haha! My mom and sisters sent me pics and it seemed like she really enjoyed it!

My nephew hadn't gotten to go yet so just a few weeks ago we went again so that he could make a bear and Everly made another bear. We had a coupon and their Olympic outfits were really cheap so for the two of us we spent $23! I'd say that is not too bad! When I took Everly the second time she seemed to get excited right when we got in the store. We held up different color bears to the babies so they could pick which one they wanted to make and the both picked white ones. They added hearts in their bears, stuffed them, gave them a bath, and then Cameron threw up on his bear! Haha! It was funny, but gross. He now drinks regular milk so it smelled like true kid throw up! Needless to say we finished up and headed across the aisle to bath and body works to spray Cam's bear!

All in all it was fun to see them make the bear and I can't wait until they get older and can enjoy it even more!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Professional Pictures

For Cameron's 1st birthday we had some professional pictures taken of the babies. They turned out really cute despite Everly's attempt to be stubborn in the beginning and not smile. Cameron was adorable as always! Here are a few of my faves...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

St. Simons Island Vacation Part 5: The Beach!

The last part of our vacation I wanted to share was our trips to the beach. The sky was overcast both days that we went to the beach but it was perfect. It kept the direct sunlight out, but the water was still super warm! We were not concerned about Everly loving it. She loves the pool and bath time so we knew she would love the beach and we were correct. She also enjoyed the sand (and tried to eat it). She loved having the waves hit her and I think she liked the salt water too. The beach was not too crowded at all and we loved seeing how much she enjoyed it. We cannot wait until our next vacation and the next time we get to take her to the beach!


Our little family

One of my faces!

She also loved all of the birds! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

St. Simon's Island Vacation: Part 4- The Lighthouse

Less than a mile away from my aunt's condo is the St. Simon's Island Lighthouse. We headed down one morning to climb to the top. It was SUPER humid that morning (and every morning really because you know us Arizonans can't handle humidity!). By the time that we got to the top of the lighthouse we were dripping wet, especially me because I had Everly strapped on to me in the baby carrier. It actually is not a bad climb at all though. There are several landings where u can take a break if u need to. Once we got to the top it was nice and cool from the breeze and the view was amazing! Much more green then we are used to and of course...the ocean!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

St. Simon's Island Vacation: Part 3- Georgia Sea Turtle Center

In the part of Georgia we were in, there are actually 3 small islands very close to each other. We stayed on St. Simon's Island, then there is the private Sea Island, and the touristy Jekyll Island. One day we made the 30 min drive over to Jekyll Island to visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Museum. It is a small museum and then there is a hospital attached for the rehabilitation of sea turtles. All proceeds from visiting the museum benefit the hospital. It was really cool to see the big sea turtles. Everly loves everything so of course she had fun. Here are a few pics from our visit:

Weekend in Review

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