Thursday, July 26, 2012

Build a Bear

Last month my mom and sisters took Everly to Build a Bear for her first time ever. She actually ended up making a bunny haha! My mom and sisters sent me pics and it seemed like she really enjoyed it!

My nephew hadn't gotten to go yet so just a few weeks ago we went again so that he could make a bear and Everly made another bear. We had a coupon and their Olympic outfits were really cheap so for the two of us we spent $23! I'd say that is not too bad! When I took Everly the second time she seemed to get excited right when we got in the store. We held up different color bears to the babies so they could pick which one they wanted to make and the both picked white ones. They added hearts in their bears, stuffed them, gave them a bath, and then Cameron threw up on his bear! Haha! It was funny, but gross. He now drinks regular milk so it smelled like true kid throw up! Needless to say we finished up and headed across the aisle to bath and body works to spray Cam's bear!

All in all it was fun to see them make the bear and I can't wait until they get older and can enjoy it even more!

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