Sunday, July 15, 2012

St. Simons Island Vacation: Part 1- Baby's 1st Plane Ride

I know it has taken me forever to share pics and stories from our vacation but better late than never. First I wanted to share about Everly's first plane rides! She did amazing. We had read a lot about traveling with a 9 month old before we left and we had bought new toys to keep her entertained and had snacks readily available. We also had a bottle ready at all times so that she could have it if her ears got irritated by the elevation. Luckily, we really didn't need any of that. She did great. She really loves new things and new environments and so flying was fun for her. She was such an angel baby. I felt bad for other parents on the flight with kids who weren't so angelic...but I know we will have our day with Everly! On one of the flights on the way back, Everly got her own seat and she slept in her carseat for the entire 3 hour flight. It was awesome. Also, on the way back we had a layover in Denver which was awesome because we got to see Justin's sister and our niece and nephew. They haven't seen Everly since she was a couple of weeks old so it was really fun. Here are a few pics from our plane rides!

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