Friday, March 30, 2012

Kitty Love Friday- Flash Back Friday

Here is an oldie of Oscar shortly after we moved into our house. It is one of my most favorite pictures we have of him. Look at those eyes!

It is crazy how much things were different then. Next month marks 3 years of being in out house. My house was so much cleaner then!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Instagram Photos

Here are some of our instagram photos for those of you who still don't have an iPhone! Although, if you have a droid I heard they are finally going to get that app so maybe you will get to follow us soon. Until then, here are some of our favorites...

Arizona teether from Little Sapling Toys

Beatle's Onesie via Truly Sanctuary

First time eating green beans!

St. Patty's Day

Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby's first trip to the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago my sister ( a school teacher) was taking her class to the Phoenix Zoo. Justin, Everly and I decided to tag along. My mom also came with my nephew Cameron. It was a beautiful day out and The Phoenix Zoo is actually a pretty cool zoo. I have been to the San Diego Zoo before which everyone says is one of the best and I think the Phoenix Zoo is not too bad. They are also improving it all the time. Everly did great at the Zoo. She likes seeing lots of different things. Cameron did great as well. It was really fun and I am glad we went. Here are a few pics from the day!

My sister's students just love Cameron!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kitty Love Friday and our new rug!

I have a couple of kitty pictures for today. The first is of Everly and Oscar hanging out on our bed while I got changed after work. We have to be very careful with them together because when she starts swinging her arms he thinks she is playing and snaps at her little hands. Luckily, he doesn't bite hard or anything because he is just playing but still its not good. Most of the time, however, it is peaceful like in this photo.

The second picture is of Oscar on our new rug! We bought a big piece of carpet and had it bound so we can use it as a rug in our living room. Now that Everly is rolling all over the place we needed something other than just tile and this was the most affordable option. We love it! The dogs love it, Everly loves it, and Oscar loves it too! He normally stays upstairs, but he had to come down to see what was going on!

Caught with his tongue out!

Minnie checking things out while Justin layed down the pad. 

This girl wants to crawl so bad! She needs to learn to sit up on her own first!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo Challenge

When I saw what this week's Photo Challenge was over on The Paper Mama's blog I knew I had the perfect picture. Everly loves putting her hand in your mouth. She giggles so much when she does this. It is so cute. Here is her with Justin last night but she also loves to do this with her Aunt Krystyn!

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitty Love Friday

Lately we have been working on trying to get Everly to sit up. Last week we were playing in her room after bathtime. It is nice to practice sitting in her nursery because she has a soft rug and the dogs are not allowed upstairs so they can't bug us or lick her face every 2 seconds. However, Oscar is upstairs and as soon as we go in her room he is right behind. He often drags his toys into her room as well like he wants us to play with him in there. In this case, it worked out well because she had something to look at while sitting up, but normally he is such a pain in the butt in her room! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life as a Single Parent

One of the biggest things I have learned since becoming a new mother, is how hard it would be to be a single parent! I am so lucky to have the most amazing husband who really pulls more than his own weight and I also have an extremely supportive family, both on my side and my husband's side. We also have some great friends as well that have really supported us as new parents. Basically, I could not do this all on my own and I am so lucky/glad that I do not have to. Justin leaves for Vegas for 3 nights! I have been mentally preparing for this for a few days now and have had a little anxiety over it, but it is here now, so I just have to deal. It is especially hard for me because I really depend on Justin for a lot. Justin puts Everly to bed every night and he takes her to the babysitter every day. He also cooks 95% of the time. (At this point, you are probably asking yourself if I do anything at all!) My sister is on spring break this week so she is helping with the sitter drop off as well as helping me out in swim class Thursday night. Last night, Justin gave me some instructions on how to use his new grill. Friday night I will probably hang out with my sisters as well as on Saturday until Justin gets back. Hopefully keeping busy will make these next few days go by fast. I know we will be fine, but we sure will miss Justin while he is gone!

I printed out this picture this morning and snuck it in Justin's suitcase as a little surprise!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My new favorite thing!

So just in the past couple of days Everly has started this new thing where she likes to put her head down on your shoulder when she gets tired. I just want to squeeze her so tight when she does it! I love it! It is so sweet. It makes me feel like she really knows who I am and is really comfortable with me. Here is a pic Justin snapped of her doing it while we were at breakfast Sunday morning. It is definitely my new favorite thing Everly does!

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Month Update

Wow! Everly is 5 months old today. So much has changed in the past month. The biggest update would definitely be that we started her on rice cereal after her 4 month checkup. She has been doing great with it and now gets it twice a day. You really can't give it to her fast enough and often she grabs your hand with the spoon in it to bring it closer to her face. It is funny. She is still pretty small. She can still wear size one diapers, however, we have started the transition into 1-2 diapers. She also can still wear 3 month clothes, however, we also have started putting her in 6 month outfits because they are pretty darn cute! After her last checkup she was in the 5th percentile for weight! She is definitely tiny, but she drinks 4, 6oz bottles a day plus 3 tablespoons of cereal twice a day and then she nurses twice at she is definitely getting enough food. The doctor's are not worried though, because often breastfed babies are smaller, however, she will be going in today for a weight check just to be safe. At her last appointment she was in the 50th percentile for length which is also why we have put her in some 6 month outfits because some of the 3 months are not long enough anymore!

Everly is really starting to become more interactive and playful. She giggles at some point every day and often we can get her to giggle just by laughing at her. She loves grabbing at things especially our drinks and our phones. The other day she put the straw to my cup right in her mouth like it was normal business. She also loves putting her toes in her mouth! We have started working on propping her up so that she can practice sitting up on her own. She is still pretty wobbly, but she really likes sitting up. Sometimes I really think she kind of hates being a baby and is going to be one independent little toddler...but we will see. She is still nursing pretty good, although it has changed a lot. I think she has become more efficient and now she nurses for much shorter periods of time (although, sometimes she barely makes it 3 hours between feedings). She is still doing pretty good at sleeping through the night, except for one week last month where she was sick and had trouble with a cough. She still loves seeing her cousin Cameron and is really grabbing at him more (watch out Cam!). She loves her little Baby Einstein Activity Center, even though her feet don't quite tough the ground in it! She loves playing with toys, especially her butterflies and owls. She still loves her Thursday night swim class and hopefully this month we will work on going under! We are looking foward to seeing how much she develops this next month!

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