Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Toddler Talk

We have definitely entered that hilarious toddler stage. Sometimes she just says the funniest things and I have been trying to type them in my phone to remember to share them here. Here are a few recent ones:
-Last night we were coming downstairs after shower time and she yells to Justin, "Papa, papa! I'm alive."
-She still sleeps with a pacifier and I always make her take it out right when she wakes up. The other morning she put it back in her mouth and I said binkies are for babies. She said, "No they're not. That's not true."
-Right before I took that picture above she was talking to her baby and saying, "Baby, wake up. Wake up, baby. Baby, talk to me."

Thursday, April 24, 2014


We had a pretty good Easter this year. It started on Saturday night when we painted some Easter eggs. None of the kids are quite yet at the age where they understand how to be gentle with an egg. They want to throw it in the cups of die (or across the kitchen). We got a couple pictures though. Everly enjoyed putting stickers on her egg and Cam did too after he had a bath. Shortly into the coloring session he grabbed an unattended cup of blue dye and well, you can see the picture of his high chair below.

The next morning, Everly woke up to her Easter present. We would fill a basket, but she has been really into tea parties lately so we wanted to get her a tea set. She loves it. After that, we started Easter Sunday off with mass like we always do. It is definitely no easy task to make it through a catholic mass with 3 toddlers but we outnumber them so we manage. There were definitely worse kids in church than ours, haha (and worse adults). After mass we headed back to my sister's house for a French toast breakfast. It was delicious. Post-breakfast we were all ready to go into a food-induced coma so we headed home to relax. It sure is nice to just relax on Sunday.
Later that afternoon we went back to my sisters for an egg hunt and dinner. We started with the babies egg hunt. Teddy won, but you can see in the picture below he totally cheated and took a head start. The adult egg hunt was much more competitive and I kid you not, there was actually blood shed. I am pretty sure my little sister's boyfriend thinks we are crazy. We had our traditional honeybaked ham for dinner and some village inn French silk pie for dessert. Eating food all day is actually pretty exhausting but it was a great Easter and our last one with only one kid!

IMG_0781[1] IMG_0787[1] IMG_0790[1]
IMG_2090[1] IMG_2092[1] IMG_2103[1] IMG_2110[1] IMG_2114
IMG_2134[1] IMG_2143[1]

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Splashpad Season is here!

Last Saturday we wanted to run a couple of errands and wear out the kids so we decided to run up to the outlets at Anthem. Last minute we decided to pack the swimsuits for the splashpad even though it was overcast and could rain. Thank god we did because the splash pad was a hit! The slashpad at the Anthem Outlets is nothing spectacular but it allows the kids to burn off some energy after we have made them go in several retail stores. Speaking of retail stores, I got 3 long sleeve thermals and two long sleeve onesies at the gap outlet for .97 each!!!! Anyways, this was our first splashpad of the year and it was perfect. The kids had a blast. Teddy couldn't even walk last summer so it was really fun to see him play. He just kept trying to drink the water. Everly was also a lot more adventurous with the splashing then she has been in previous summers. Cameron was having a rough morning but just lit up when he was in the splashpad. He didn't want to leave but he was getting cold so eventually we had to remove him, haha. I love that there are so many splashpads in AZ because the pools are still too cold but it is definitely hot enough out for the babies to want to get wet! Can't wait to take them again!

I call this: 1. Teddy getting into trouble 2. Happy brothers 3. Dang it, the grass is wet.
IMG_2084[1] IMG_2082[1]

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shamrock Farms Easter Egg Hunt

Last Sunday we made the drive to visit Shamrock Farms for an Easter Egg Hunt. Last time we went to the farm was in December for a Santa Visit (here). When we first got there the kids got to play a few games before we headed out on the tour. While we were viewing the cows being milked the tour staff placed out eggs on the playground for all of the kids. It was really well planned because each kid was only allowed to get 10 eggs. This is great since we have little ones that aren't as fast as the older kids. They also gave them this little trick ice cream cone as a prize and she loved that. She actually broke it this morning...but I think we can fix it. After the tour we tried to sneak in a quick picture with the Easter bunny. It wasn't great, but better than Santa. Everly also got a balloon animal kitty and everyone got chocolate milk to drink while opening their eggs. Considering the tour costs $9 a person and it is a whole morning of fun activities, I would say it is totally worth the drive! I am sure we will be back!

IMG_0698[1] IMG_0697[1] IMG_1928[1]
Sometimes she throws like such a girl, but not this morning. She was getting a bunch in the buckets!
IMG_1941[1] IMG_1944[1] IMG_0712[1]
IMG_1957[1] IMG_0724[1] IMG_1967[1]
Admittedly, that is a creepy looking bunny.
Right before she spilled the chocolate milk all down the front of her.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic

A week ago we took the kids to Disney on Ice as an Easter present from my mom. This was Everly's third time seeing Disney on Ice (she has gone twice before as Christmas gifts). Those shows were both more princess related shows but this was more of a generic Disney show so it was perfect for the boys first Disney on Ice. Doing anything with 3 kids under 3 is never EASY, but there were 5 of us adults there so we  at least outnumbered them! The week before up until the ride there I kept trying to explain to Everly where we were going. In the car on the way there she was holding Jesse from Toy Story and a Snow White Barbie and I made her leave them in the car. As we shut the door she said, "Bye Jessie, bye Show White. We're going to Disney on Ice." Haha! She finally got it! When we walked into the arena she just gasped and covered her mouth. She was so excited to see her aunts and just to be there, and the show hadn't even started.

Disney got her hooked at a young age and I am not even mad. It is awesome to see her love something so much! She did really great at the show. She got totally spoiled too. Grandma bought the babies popcorn to share and she loves popcorn. Grandma also bought her one of those ridiculous spinney light up toys. She loved it, but I didn't so after the show we traded it in for a Woody plush so Jesse would have a friend, haha. She has been on a Toy Story kick for a while and constantly alternates between all 3 movies on the ipad. She passed out pretty quickly on the ride home after that! Thanks Grandma for a fun day!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Last year Everly was still a little young at Easter but this year she is understanding things a lot more. Our little subdivision has a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt every year and despite having a million other things going on last Saturday, we decided to go. I am glad we did. It was very low-key and she had a blast. She enjoyed her pancakes but she loved the sausage even more and the juice too! She loves juice because we don't usually give her any. She is really starting to get the hang of running to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket. She loves opening up all of the eggs afterwards also. It was a lot of fun and I am definitely going to miss things like this when we leave this neighborhood next month (still doesn't quite feel real).


Weekend in Review

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