Thursday, April 3, 2014

Special Needs Day

Even though we had just gone the week prior, last weekend we went back to the train park for Special Needs Day. My sister invited us through the Down Syndrome Network of AZ and we went last year as well so we knew we had to go back. They set up tons of vendors, carnival games, bounce houses and slides, a petting zoo, horse rides, and there is free lunch. They have lots of characters walking around like Mickey and Elmo and you also get free access to all of the train park activities. I think my favorite part this year was letting the kids sit inside a fire truck. They all loved it and Everly loves her firefighter hat. Here is a little clip of the day:

These kids are super lucky to have an Aunt and Uncle like my sister and her husband that often give up their Saturdays to spend time with us and help with the babies (especially when our husbands are working). We started the day on the train before it got too busy. They get excited while just waiting to ride. I got to sit by Teddy. 

My mom snapped this gem, which is kind of a miracle because often she acts like she doesn't know how to use her phone.
Train Park 33114
This kid is so much fun, but oh so much trouble, too! It is so fun to see the second child dynamic before I have to experience it myself.
We rode on the "carouself" again and Everly has been really getting into taking pictures lately. She loves to pose when I say cheese. I hope this phase lasts! After that we visited the fire truck before heading into the carnival area.


We stopped by a few booths and picked up some freebies. Cameron did a little bowling and the boys played a little soccer before we headed to the bounce house. My sister and her husband jumped in the bounce house with the babies and they loved it. Cameron especially loves the bounce house, but Teddy is still learning to like it.  
IMG_0506[1] IMG_0503[1] IMG_0505[1]
IMG_0511[1] IMG_0514[1]
After that we had lunch before checking out the model trains and actually walking through a real train. I always like that part because it is so tiny in there and I can't imagine what it must have been like to ride in one of those on a long trip. When I was in Japan a few years ago I got to ride on one of the Shinkansen trains (bullet train) which is super fast and although we didn't sleep on it or ride for more than a couple hours, it was a lot more spacious than these old trains. We will probably be taking a break from the train park for a while as it starts to heat up here, but I definitely foresee a lot of splash pads in our future as many of them have started opening for the summer!

One of the model trains had Buzz Lightyear as well as Mickey and his gang riding it, which is obviously the best one.
One of my favorite phrases she says right now, "Ohh, that's a big one!"
IMG_0530[1] IMG_0533[1]

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