Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shamrock Farms Easter Egg Hunt

Last Sunday we made the drive to visit Shamrock Farms for an Easter Egg Hunt. Last time we went to the farm was in December for a Santa Visit (here). When we first got there the kids got to play a few games before we headed out on the tour. While we were viewing the cows being milked the tour staff placed out eggs on the playground for all of the kids. It was really well planned because each kid was only allowed to get 10 eggs. This is great since we have little ones that aren't as fast as the older kids. They also gave them this little trick ice cream cone as a prize and she loved that. She actually broke it this morning...but I think we can fix it. After the tour we tried to sneak in a quick picture with the Easter bunny. It wasn't great, but better than Santa. Everly also got a balloon animal kitty and everyone got chocolate milk to drink while opening their eggs. Considering the tour costs $9 a person and it is a whole morning of fun activities, I would say it is totally worth the drive! I am sure we will be back!

IMG_0698[1] IMG_0697[1] IMG_1928[1]
Sometimes she throws like such a girl, but not this morning. She was getting a bunch in the buckets!
IMG_1941[1] IMG_1944[1] IMG_0712[1]
IMG_1957[1] IMG_0724[1] IMG_1967[1]
Admittedly, that is a creepy looking bunny.
Right before she spilled the chocolate milk all down the front of her.

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