Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Splashpad Season is here!

Last Saturday we wanted to run a couple of errands and wear out the kids so we decided to run up to the outlets at Anthem. Last minute we decided to pack the swimsuits for the splashpad even though it was overcast and could rain. Thank god we did because the splash pad was a hit! The slashpad at the Anthem Outlets is nothing spectacular but it allows the kids to burn off some energy after we have made them go in several retail stores. Speaking of retail stores, I got 3 long sleeve thermals and two long sleeve onesies at the gap outlet for .97 each!!!! Anyways, this was our first splashpad of the year and it was perfect. The kids had a blast. Teddy couldn't even walk last summer so it was really fun to see him play. He just kept trying to drink the water. Everly was also a lot more adventurous with the splashing then she has been in previous summers. Cameron was having a rough morning but just lit up when he was in the splashpad. He didn't want to leave but he was getting cold so eventually we had to remove him, haha. I love that there are so many splashpads in AZ because the pools are still too cold but it is definitely hot enough out for the babies to want to get wet! Can't wait to take them again!

I call this: 1. Teddy getting into trouble 2. Happy brothers 3. Dang it, the grass is wet.
IMG_2084[1] IMG_2082[1]

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