Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt #1 of 4

I swear, if these kids are not pros at finding Easter eggs by the time Easter is over this year, we are in trouble. Everly had her first of 4 Easter Egg hunts last weekend ant a little party that my sister's therapist put on for all of her clients. Her next two will be this weekend, one in our neighborhood, and one at Shamrock Farms where we are going on a tour again Sunday. The last will actually be on Easter Sunday. This first one was at a park that is super close to my house that I had no idea about. Well, I knew the park was there because I have run by it before, but it was always dark. It is a special park that has been designed for kids and adults with special needs. They even have a public swimming pool with wheelchair access that you cannot use unless you are with someone with special needs. I know my sister was really excited about that. The kids got to decorate little bags to put their eggs in and then all of the eggs had little prized like stickers and bouncy balls instead of candy, which is good because Everly really doesn't ever eat candy (except for 1 m&m when she attempts to use the potty). It was definitely a fun morning and I can't wait to see how she does this weekend!

Cam on the big boy swing.
Teddy was almost falling asleep in that swing.
Cam is totally covered in dirt here!
So independent sometimes

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