Monday, April 21, 2014

Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic

A week ago we took the kids to Disney on Ice as an Easter present from my mom. This was Everly's third time seeing Disney on Ice (she has gone twice before as Christmas gifts). Those shows were both more princess related shows but this was more of a generic Disney show so it was perfect for the boys first Disney on Ice. Doing anything with 3 kids under 3 is never EASY, but there were 5 of us adults there so we  at least outnumbered them! The week before up until the ride there I kept trying to explain to Everly where we were going. In the car on the way there she was holding Jesse from Toy Story and a Snow White Barbie and I made her leave them in the car. As we shut the door she said, "Bye Jessie, bye Show White. We're going to Disney on Ice." Haha! She finally got it! When we walked into the arena she just gasped and covered her mouth. She was so excited to see her aunts and just to be there, and the show hadn't even started.

Disney got her hooked at a young age and I am not even mad. It is awesome to see her love something so much! She did really great at the show. She got totally spoiled too. Grandma bought the babies popcorn to share and she loves popcorn. Grandma also bought her one of those ridiculous spinney light up toys. She loved it, but I didn't so after the show we traded it in for a Woody plush so Jesse would have a friend, haha. She has been on a Toy Story kick for a while and constantly alternates between all 3 movies on the ipad. She passed out pretty quickly on the ride home after that! Thanks Grandma for a fun day!


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