Thursday, April 24, 2014


We had a pretty good Easter this year. It started on Saturday night when we painted some Easter eggs. None of the kids are quite yet at the age where they understand how to be gentle with an egg. They want to throw it in the cups of die (or across the kitchen). We got a couple pictures though. Everly enjoyed putting stickers on her egg and Cam did too after he had a bath. Shortly into the coloring session he grabbed an unattended cup of blue dye and well, you can see the picture of his high chair below.

The next morning, Everly woke up to her Easter present. We would fill a basket, but she has been really into tea parties lately so we wanted to get her a tea set. She loves it. After that, we started Easter Sunday off with mass like we always do. It is definitely no easy task to make it through a catholic mass with 3 toddlers but we outnumber them so we manage. There were definitely worse kids in church than ours, haha (and worse adults). After mass we headed back to my sister's house for a French toast breakfast. It was delicious. Post-breakfast we were all ready to go into a food-induced coma so we headed home to relax. It sure is nice to just relax on Sunday.
Later that afternoon we went back to my sisters for an egg hunt and dinner. We started with the babies egg hunt. Teddy won, but you can see in the picture below he totally cheated and took a head start. The adult egg hunt was much more competitive and I kid you not, there was actually blood shed. I am pretty sure my little sister's boyfriend thinks we are crazy. We had our traditional honeybaked ham for dinner and some village inn French silk pie for dessert. Eating food all day is actually pretty exhausting but it was a great Easter and our last one with only one kid!

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