Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's a...

We found out last week that baby Larkins #2 is a girl. We had a name ready because, well, I like to plan. Her name will be Aspen Ann Larkins. There are a couple reasons why we had picked Aspen. I had never really thought of it as a name option but one of the millions of kids on Sister Wives (yes, I watch that) is named Aspyn and I liked it. Out honeymoon was also in Apsen, CO (and it is not creepy because we obviously did not conceive her there) so it really fits perfect. Depsite the lots of "y's" in my family, we are not spelling it with a y. We both really loved our little trip to Aspen and it was totally different and new for both of us and I just can't think of a more perfect name. Of course, I also like that it has not cracked the top 500 most popular names for girls ever (Everly was not even in the top 1000 until 2012 and now that Channing Tatum named his daughter Everly almost a year ago it has probably shot up even more). I am a fan of names that are different but not weird and I think that Aspen is going to be a pretty cool girl.
We found out on Thursday at my anatomy ultrasound and then had to keep it a secret until our gender reveal party on Saturday night. This was not something that we did with my pregnancy with Everly so I am really glad we got our crap together enough to have a little party for Aspen (especially since the second child tends to get shafted a little...I am also a second child). We didn't even tell Everly because we didn't trust her to keep the secret, haha. Everyone in both of our families (except for my brother) was able to attend. That was kind of a miracle because we both come from big families. We had the party at my sister's house because our house is currently listed for sale. Once everyone was there we had them pick pink or blue beads to wear depending on what they thought we were having. Blue was the popular choice. Everly absolutely loves being around all of her family. She was running like crazy in the backyard and having a blast. We opened up a box of balloons in front of everyone to tell the surprise. I think my Mom was most surprised because she had bought a boy onesie...haha. I really had no idea or expectations. There are ways this pregnancy is the same and different but I am also so much different now than I was with Everly so who knows!
After the reveal we had lasagna and salad with some garlic caprese bread. My mom made beef lasagna, and we made turkey and veggie lasagna. We have a diverse group of eaters...haha. We had cupcakes for dessert with pink frosting inside. Everything went really well and now I can't wait to officially start planning another girl nursery. Then I start to think about all of Everly's old stuff I have to go through and I get overwhelmed a little...haha. Here are some pictures from the party.

It should have been no surprise...
She makes a mean cheese plate
Uncle Mark and Katy's boyfriend Alex were Everly's favorite to play with
The spread

We also used this party to ask my sister and her husband to be Aspen's godparents by making cute little cards. They said yes!


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