Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breakfast and Planes!

Last Friday I went into work late so that Justin could go in early so Everly and I planned a breakfast date before I dropped her off at her babysitter's. My sister lives in walking distance of the Deer Valley Airport and I had heard about how cool it is to eat breakfast there and watch the planes take off so we finally got to do it. They also have good coupons if you eat there during the week (4.99 breakfast) so we were excited. It really was pretty neat. You can sit inside by the windows or you can even sit outside. We even saw people sitting outside that had brought their own snacks and weren't even eating at the restaurant so we might go back and do that someday. Everly loved her Mickey Mouse pancakes and she called the sausages hot dogs, haha. After we ate we walked into one of the terminal areas (it is super tiny in there) and one of the employees gave Everly a couple of airplane toys. She was in heaven. It was a great morning.


Justin and I had both heard on the radio that they had a B-17 plane at the airport and that you could tour it. We could see the plane while we ate breakfast, but the tour's were on Saturday and Sunday so we went back Sunday afternoon before dinner and toured the plane with my sisters and nephews. All three kids are really at a stage where they just love being able to run around and play so they had a lot of fun while we waited in line to tour the plane. I am not even a huge history person or really into planes or bombs but I still thought it was really cool to see something so old. It was definitely tight in there at times so it was pretty crazy to imagine what it would be like to fly in there. I love being able to take Everly to experience new things like this and on top of that it was free so you can't beat that!

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