Thursday, March 27, 2014

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Last Saturday we planned a visit to the train park in Scottsdale since the weather was great and we hadn't been in a while. Growing up we used to love going to this park. We would often go after church and have donuts and we just thought it was the coolest place. It kind of is. A lot of the park can be accessed for completely free and the train rides are less than $2 a person and little kids are free. There is a lot of ramada space and benches and I feel like we might be having a birthday party there in the future. Everly actually ended up having a melt-down towards the end of the trip and then passed out as we were pulling out of the parking lot so apparently we wore her out. Other than that, it was a really great morning.

Probably my favorite picture of the day. He thinks he is so funny! (He is)
He has always been a fan of going up slides.
Good catch, Grandma.


The beginning of a nearly 4 hour nap.

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