Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wold Down Syndrome Day 2014

Last Friday, 3/21/14, was World Down Syndrome Day. We celebrated my sweet nephew, Cameron, by attending a little party in the park hosted by the Down Syndrome Network of Arizona. We all had matching shirts and my sister and I each ran 3.21 miles that morning. Cameron's favorite part was probably the bounce house and the dancing. Teddy and Everly were mostly fighting over the popcorn (those two!). Personally, I am still learning a lot about Down Syndrome, but I can easily tell how awesome it is to be surrounded by other kids and parents that are in a similar situation as my sister and her family. Every child is different, but organizations like DS Network put on some pretty fantastic events and we are lucky that we get to tag along with my sister. Also, any extra day to celebrate Cam is a pretty awesome idea in my eyes! Here are some pictures from our night:


This picture is Kim's life every day. Teddy grabbing and yelling "uppa" and Everly tagging along.
Family shot!

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