Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Half Marathon #2 and Pregnancy #2

On March 1st, Justin and I completed our second half marathon. Our first one was the Phoenix 10k and Half Marathon last November. I trained for three months and my official time was 1:56:31. I was aiming to be under 2 hours so I was really happy with that. I knew that I would not run as fast this time. My official time for the Phoenix Half Marathon was 2:04:14, which I am still pretty happy with considering this time I was pregnant! I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant, but at the time I was 13 weeks pregnant and running 13 miles so I used that to announce the pregnancy on Facebook/Instagram. I hope to continue running throughout this pregnancy which I definitely did not do last time...just maybe not quite that far! Not quite sure when my next half marathon will be, but I definitely see some in my future.

Justin and I before the race. We had to take a bus to the start and it was in Mesa so we had to leave our house at like 4:00 AM. :(
I was lucky enough to train with girls on my soccer team, Claren and Aislinn. (Ashley missing because she got injured during the run).
13 Miles at 13 Weeks Pregnant. I like to think we planned it pretty perfectly!
Post-race and finish line photos.
And just because you need to see this, Baby Larkins #2.

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