Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Everly in the Kitchen- Enchiladas

Everly is in a stage where she absolutely loves helping out in the kitchen. Mostly she helps Justin because he does most of the cooking but every once in a while she helps me or she likes to pretend she is cleaning the dishes (but she is really just splashing in the water). She really just loves to help. She loves to feed the dogs and give them treats, she loves to help dust or sweep when we are cleaning, and if I am on the couch and get cold, she will totally get up and turn the fan off, haha.
Last night we had enchiladas which Justin made in advance so all we had to do was put the enchilada sauce and cheese on and put it in the oven. When I asked for her help, she said, "please, please, please, my ladder." She has a little ladder we let her use in the kitchen and she loves it. When she says "please" in the beginning and wipes her hands on her self, that is her lazy way of signing "please." I love how she spreads the cheese on so delicately too, haha. Justin said she is a pro from helping him make pizzas. It's pretty cute, especially at the end when all she wants to do is eat the cheese!

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