Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Everly's First Preschool Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago Everly was invited to her first birthday party from one of the students in her class. The lazy person in me didn't really want to go but I know how good these types of events are for her socialization so we decided to go. The party was also at Chuck E. Cheese and I knew she would love it. I ended up having Aspen with my as well, which was not ideal, but Justin was taking Roi to the vet so it was the best option. She was okay. She snacked on French fries and rode a couple of rides with Everly, but it would have been a little easier without her. She finally fell asleep in the Ergo about 10 minutes before we left! Everly had fun playing games and eating Pizza and was quite mesmerized by the Chuck E. Cheese characters on the stage. I can't believe they still have those things, haha. She loved ski ball and I loved this crane/operation game. One of the rides even takes your picture while you are on it which was funny. Since we are going to Peter Piper Pizza for her birthday next weekend, I think this made her a little more excited. Her favorite part was the goody bag and the cup with a silly straw that she got to take home. She loves party swag. Her least favorite part was the cake. She doesn't care about cake. Wish I could say the same! She has some work to do on socializing with her peers, but she had fun and we can't wait for her party next week!

IMG_0191 IMG_0193
coolest game ever!
IMG_0202 IMG_0242 IMG_0240 IMG_0219
I kind of think its creepy TBH
We didn't know when they were going to take the picture.
IMG_0209 IMG_0207
Pizza and French fries

And a quick little video because her ski ball skills are hilarious!

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