Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Phoenix Zoo- Labor Day Weekend

We had not been to the zoo at all in August so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and take a trip to the Phoenix Zoo Sunday morning. The Zoo recently got hit hard by a storm and was actually closed a few days last week. You could see lots of evidence from the damage (and you can see some of it in the video below) but nothing interfered with out visit. It was pretty warm and thankfully the splashpad is still running. Aspen worked on her standing and Teddy and Everly were attached at the hip. They held hands all on their own and Teddy told me, " I am growing up in a minute." Okay, Ted. Cam is missing from some of the video in the beginning because he was eating breakfast at the zoo, haha. It was a very fun morning and while I will miss the splashpad, I am ready
for cooler zoo weather!
too cool
  IMG_9762 IMG_9766
I was so close I had to crop my hand out of this picture so don't worry!
3 amigos
IMG_9775 IMG_9782 IMG_9788 IMG_9792 IMG_9794 IMG_9807 
3 years apart and still as cute as ever!

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