Friday, September 18, 2015

Aspen's Birthday Party

Last Sunday we held a little birthday brunch for Aspen since her birthday fell on Wednesday and we will be in California this weekend. I know now that the less I have to do, the more successful and enjoyable parties are for everyone so we kept it simple with a brunch. . Also, who doesn't love brunch?? Both of my sisters helped a ton so I could not have done it without them. We bought mini quiches from Costco and then I made mini pumpkin muffins, Justin made ham and cheese sandwiches, my sister brought fruit and we also had donut holes and chex mix for snacking. We served coffee and had a mimosa bar because what is a brunch without champagne?!? A lot of the kids played up in the toy room and Cameron even had a therapy session going on at that time to work on him playing and engaging with others. The loose theme of the party was a "hot air balloon" party so there were corresponding decorations around the house that went along with the invitation for her party. I think it turned out pretty cute even though I may have gone a little overboard on the pink. Aspen loved her smash cake and you will see pictures of her sad face when we took it away! That girl loves cake! I am so grateful for all of the people who were able to come out and celebrate Aspen with us this weekend. I love having our house full of friends and kids! Here is the video from her party and a few pictures as well!
Invite designed by The Milk and Cream Co on Etsy and then printed at Costco.
IMG_9950 IMG_9951
IMG_9962 IMG_9949
A display of Aspen's monthly pictures!
My favorite pic of the day.
kids and cupcakes
Why would you take cake away from a baby?
Happy Birthday Aspen!

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