Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend in Review- Staycation Edition

This weekend we enjoyed a staycation at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. We had won a stay there for Father's Day and wanted to use it during summer and this was the weekend that worked out for us. The weekend started off with a 7 mile run with my sisters. I am finally feeling a little better running post-Whole 30. It is still sooo hot but I am happy with my 9:28 pace. We had bagels at my sister's house after and then headed back to the resort to go swimming. They resort really is a very beautiful property. The pool has a lazy river and water slide. Our room was kind of far from where we parked but it did overlook the pool area. The kids had a lot of fun at the pool. It was hot but the water felt good. Cameron and Everly even got to go down the water slide on Saturday even though they technically weren't tall enough. Sunday, they wouldn't let Everly go but she surprisingly handled it well. By the end of the weekend Everly wanted to know why we were going home and not back to the hotel, haha. Luckily we have a little trip to Palm Springs coming up in a couple of weeks so she will get her hotel fix again (although, it won't be quite as nice as this hotel!). Some pictures and a video at the end of our pool time!

so sweaty!
IMG_9597 IMG_9600
All the babies at breakfast and Mae sleeping poolside.
IMG_9649 IMG_9602
after eating some of her sisters pb and j sandwich
IMG_9604 IMG_9609
grandma with her boys and baby Mae
the littlest girls
IMG_9638 IMG_9650
clean baby and poolside baby
splashpad life
missing the weekend already!

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