Monday, August 24, 2015

We're famous!

Okay...not really, but Aspen and I were on TV a couple of weeks ago. The owner of my gym sent out an email looking for moms with babies to join her for a pre/post natal segment on Fox 10. I took the morning off so Aspen and I could go. It was really cool to see the news from behind the scenes. Surprisingly there are a lot fewer people working then you would think. In the room where the morning show was filmed, it was the two hosts and one camera man. That's it. Kinda crazy. Aspen and I helped show an exercise you can do with your baby. She did great and was smiling during it.  The segment was right before she was due to eat so it could have gone bad but she was an angel. I had a lot of fun spending a little extra time with her in the morning. To be honest, I never workout with my kids because I do it while they are still asleep. I think we still set a good example though because Everly knows when we have come back from a run. She has also seen me play soccer and finish races. For me, working out with my kids just doesn't fit our schedule but for other people I know it is the only option so do what you gotta do! We also recorded it so Everly could watch it that night but here are some pictures from the morning:

IMG_9142 IMG_9146 

Getting ready and the Simpson's statues in the lobby
IMG_9143 IMG_9144 
See what I mean??? Not a lot of people behind the scenes. 

A clip Justin took.

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