Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baby Playtime

Aspen recently got some new toys to play with so we tried them out. Everly was so excited to open up the box. She then decided to sit in the box and call it her boat. So basically we won double time here because Aspen got new toys and Everly got a box. All of the toys are from Lamaze which you can find almost anywhere now. The toys range in appropriate ages depending on your child. Aspen's favorite toy was definitely the fishbowl. It is a really cute little toy and we were practicing her putting the fish "in" and "out." With Aspen being the second child, we probably don't do enough structured play like this to work on her fine motor skills so these toys are great for getting us to do that. She also got a soft book which is great because she puts everything in her mouth right now. The other two toys have clips for the stroller or car seat. I like to clip them on highchairs at restaurants also so you are not constantly picking toys up off the ground. One is a little baby doll which she absolutely loved. It has a little rattle on the front and she was even giving it hugs. The other is a dragon that you can pull and release. When you release it the wings make a clicking noise. Most toys like that just vibrate so it was cool that this made a different noise. She is still not totally sure about it but I bet it will entertain her on car rides. Considering almost everything Aspen has is second hand this was really fun for her!

the four new toys
Everly in her boat.
IMG_8986 IMG_8987 IMG_8999 IMG_8992 IMG_8988 IMG_9016 
And here is a quick little video of Aspen playing with a couple of the toys. 

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