Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend in Review

So, I realized I was really bad and didn't take a ton of pictures of my kids or anything this weekend! I did take several food pictures, though! Sad, but true. I have started playing soccer again on Friday nights to get ready for the outdoor season so I had a game Friday night. It was fun hearing Ev and Teddy cheering from the bleachers. Saturday morning I slept in (!!) and Justin went for a run. We hung out Saturday morning and then headed out to Ikea. We didn't get anything big but a few fun little things. Since my life currently revolves around food (Whole30) I had already planned to get an In n' Out burger after Ikea. It was my first double and it was delicious. Can't wait to have fries again, though. After Ikea we were pretty exhausted. Saturday night my sister brought the boys over to swim. I got no pictures but I took a lot of go pro video that I need to go through. The kids had fun jumping in with the go pro in their hands. On Sunday morning I attempted a run. Once again, my body is still learning how to adjust to the changes I am making. I am going to cut the running back a little while I learn to adjust. We went grocery shopping and got some yummy Chipotle for lunch. After naps Sunday we met my sisters at Target to do a little back to school shopping. Everly picked out a new backpack and it is pretty adorable on her. She is starting preschool in 2 weeks! I normally feel pretty good about the weekend, but this one felt a little short! Ready for the weekend to come back again!
We found Whole 30 compliant bacon!

Our new laundry cart

stop growing up!

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Weekend in Review

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