Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a good one and fairly productive, too. On Saturday morning I slept in (6:30 a.m.). Lately Justin has been running/hiking on Saturday mornings and I have been resting and it has been working good. My sister invited us over for breakfast so we headed over there. The kids played for a while and then we went to a quick story time at the library. Aspen went down for a nap while Everly and I went for a quick shopping trip. Justin is starting to work on building us a kitchen table so he worked on that while I did some cleaning and the girls napped. He finished up the cleaning while I went to mass with Aspen and then afterward we headed to the splashpad and ate "Whole 30 compliant" Chipotle. On Sunday morning I went out for a short run as my body is still adjusting and then had a nice breakfast at home. Everly and I did some grocery shopping because she loves the kids area at the grocery store. We got some organizing done in Aspen's closet and I even did a little work in my closet too. We went back over to my sister's for dinner. We tried to do a clay craft with the kids but basically ended up making it ourselves. I am missing the girls already!
Mae and Aspen (7 months apart)
IMG_9070 IMG_9092 
Cam and I on the ipad and Aspen at story time 

Making zig-zags at story time
Splash pad Life
IMG_9102 IMG_9108 

lazy #1
lazy #2
IMG_9135 IMG_9136
IMG_9137 IMG_9138
Making minion clay. Didn't work out so great so Everly made birdies.

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