Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekend in Review

Last weekend was technically our last weekend of Summer as Everly started school on Monday although summer is far from over here in AZ. It was almost too hot for the pool at nighttime so that should clarify how it was. Friday I had a soccer game and then Saturday we took Everly to get her first real haircut. She actually had a tiny trim before my sister's wedding at about 18 months but this was a couple of inches off. The boys get their haircut all the time so we tagged along and even Mae joined...and we got a picture of all the kids! We ran some errands on Saturday and Justin worked on making our new farmhouse table and then my sister came over that night to swim in the bathwater pool. On Sunday I got up early to run with my sisters. They ran farther but I did get in a 10k so I am not mad at all. We ate at my sisters house Sunday night and although we had some good Whole 30 meals last weekend, I really wanted a tortilla chip! We have a busy weekend coming up tomorrow and it is our last weekend of the Whole 30 program so we are really in the home stretch!

First Haircut!
                        IMG_9227 IMG_9249
Before and After
                          IMG_9247 IMG_9244

All the cousins!
our new favorite Whole 30 meal: buffalo chicken!
it's too hot...even starting at 4:45 AM
                  IMG_9286 IMG_9296
Shopping with my girls and Justin's table progress! 

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Weekend in Review

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