Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend in Review

Last weekend was a busy and full one. It started off with Katy's home opener at GCU on Friday night. NAU tends to be a big rival for them and the school did a great job of hyping up the game. The game was packed and it was a fun atmosphere and I think it helped pump the girls up. There were times when they looked really good and they actually came from behind to win in overtime (which they have struggled with in the past). Katy played the full game and assisted the winning goal so we are very proud of her! The kids love being out there, although I can't wait until it is cooler! Saturday morning we headed back to our old house. We sold it (finally) and actually close today, but Justin had to change some light bulbs and air filters and we wanted to take advantage of the pool one last time. My sister and the boys met us there. It was my first house and so I do get a little bit sad, but I will not miss being a landlord one bit! Saturday afternoon we went to a Signing Time concert that was put on by DS Network of AZ. I really liked it and I think the kids did too. They all love signing time. I took some video so hopefully I can get to editing that soon. After the concert we went over to Tempe Marketplace and let the kids splash for a bit and then ate some yummy Smash Burger. It was a busy day and we didn't want to cook. Sunday morning I met my sister for a 5 mile trail run before grocery shopping. It always feels good to get that done early! My nephew came over to swim and play and Everly and Ted had a blast. Sunday night we celebrated my brother-in-laws birthday as they got back into town earlier that day. Ted and Ev loved the trick candles and Aspen had a trial run with birthday cake. She inhaled it so we don't have to worry about the big day coming up soon. It was a great weekend and I can't wait for our staycation this upcoming weekend!!!
Go Lopes!
Go Katy!
Katy's fan club
Cheese ball
4 little fishies
My girls <3
IMG_9418 IMG_9422
Signing Time Concert
splashpad bikini babe
Trail running
Ev to Ted, "Ted, how many am I? How many am I?"
Lots of Summer left here!
Mae is eyeing that cake!
we barely introduced grains last week but she has had no issues (not that cake is really a grain)

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Weekend in Review

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