Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little splurge!

Honestly, I think both Justin and I have been pretty good about not overspending in preparation for Everly. Considering all of the things that we want, and how much some baby stuff out there costs, we have done pretty good. The most money we have probably spent so far was on our crib and it is from Wal-Mart. We have even been pretty good about not overbuying clothes and shoes even though little girl stuff is sooooo adorable! However, today Petunia Pickle Bottom was having an outlet sale and I couldn't resist. If you don't know what Petunia Pickle Bottom is, check them out here. Seriously, their Cake by Petunia Collection is some of the cutest diaper bags I have ever seen! I had originally registered for a Timi and Leslie diaper bag, which I still love, but it is $140 and I know that it is just not realistic to ask for that...especially when there are other much more important things that we really need. When I saw that Petunia Pickle Bottom was having an outlet sale, I figured it would still be too expensive but I looked anyways. That is when I saw this guy...

It's beautiful, and was on sale for only $55 instead of the original $170 it cost before it became a discontinued style. I was honestly shocked that it was still available. I know that I would probably never find a deal this good again so I just couldn't pass it up. I am so excited to receive this bag in the mail!!!

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