Monday, July 18, 2011


This past weekend we were watching a cute little puppy named Dexter. Dexter belongs to my niece Hailey, but he really is the Dinslage Family Dog. They were in Nebraska visiting family so we got to steal little Dex. Dexter is a miniature dachsund. He is so cute and such a little cuddler, and since he is part of the hound group he fits in perfectly at our house. We loved having him around.
Just as much as Justin and I loved having Dexter around, our pups Roi and Minnie loved Dexter even more. At first, Dexter was a little shy but not long after he was following their every move. If one of them got off the couch, he followed. If one of them went outside, he followed. When they were play fighting, he just had to get in on the action too...

It wasn't all fighting, though. They got a lot of lounging around and napping in too!

They even enjoyed a little puppy concert...haha!

Dexter left last night and we sure will miss that little guy!

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