Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 11 Months!

Everly is 11 months old today! Yay! We are one month away from her first birthday party and in full planning mode. Everly still wanted nothing to do with taking her monthly picture in her crib so we are on the changing table again. Everly is not walking yet, but she is using the wall and furniture to move around very quickly. She will often pull her self up on you and then let go for a second and stand on her own. I don't think she will be walking at exactly a year, but I definitely think it won't be long after! She has cut her first two top teeth this past month. It has actually just happened in the last week so it has been rough. Runny nose, super tired, and real fussy! Joy! But hey, she is going to need them to chow down on her cake next month! She has been doing really well with eating table foods. She loves her meat and will often pick up the meat on her highchair tray before anything else. We also discovered her love for raspberries this month. We have begun to ween her off of formula and started splitting her bottles with whole milk. She has always been easy going when it comes to her bottles so that is going well. Everly loves playing with her cousin's cozy coupe and especially getting in and out of it. She will do that for hours! She also has discovered how to "answer the phone." If we give her the phone and tell her to "say hello" she will put it up to her ear. It is really cute. She is becoming even more sweet with her hugs and kisses. Her cousin Cameron gets the most, but Oscar the cat is a close second and Roi the beagle is her third favorite! She also loves hugging and kissing her stuffed animals. Seriously the cutest thing ever. Everly is in anywhere from 12m-2T depending on the outfit. She is still in size 4 diapers! We have a hard time putting any shoes on her because her feet are chubby and she just takes them off. We are so lucky to have a happy, healthy and beautiful little girl! Hope to see you at her birthday party next month! 

Had to share one of her kissing Minnie! 

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