Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kitchen Mini-Makeover

We have wanted to do a few things to our kitchen and in August we finally started. One of the biggest things we wanted to do is add a backsplash. We found a great one at Costco and bought it. It did not go with our current red paint color so we had to change that up. We also bought hardware for our cabinets. So far, we have painted and put in the hardware (and when I say we, I mean Justin). I think it looks great so far, but we are both getting used to the hardware. I keep bumping my hips on them and have bruises all over. The next weekend Justin has off and doesn't go out of town we plan to tackle the backsplash with the help of family, of course! Here are some pics of before and the progress so far.

This is the backsplash we bought. Can't wait until it is all done! 

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