Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter Sunday! It started off with an early mass and Kory actually showed up!!! After church we headed for a quick stop for some bagels and coffee -- a usual stop for us after church on Sundays. 

After breakfast we headed home to rest for a little. We caught up with Oscar who was dressed up for the special day...

After a little resting/laundry/cleaning, we headed to the dog park before going over to Kim's/Mom's for Easter dinner. Roi and Minnie have to get a little worn out before going over to Kim's! 

The dogs love playing together!!! From left to right below it is Alex, Minnie, Barkleigh, and Roi. 

We got a great shot of Barkleigh jumping for a ball in the backyard too....

We had a delicious ham dinner followed by yummy carrot cake for dessert... with frozen yogurt as lent is over and I can have ice cream again!!! All in all it was a great Easter! 

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