Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend in Review

No birthday celebrations this past weekend but the weather was pretty great again. My dad was in town so we had pizza with him at my sister's Friday night since I didn't have a soccer game. This also allowed me to get up early and get in a 7-mile run with my sister. I had an annoying cramp the whole time but it was nice to run with someone else and like I said, great weather. We hung around Saturday until the afternoon when Everly and I met my mom and sisters at the movies to see the new Jungle Book movie. Thankfully, Justin agreed to watch Aspen and Mae so my brother-in-law could come, too. I actually thought they did a pretty good job with the movie. On Sunday we got some shopping and cleaning done before going to my sister's for dinner. Nothing too exciting but it will be soon because my sister is having her baby in just a little over a week!

Untitled Untitled 
Aspen fell asleep in the car Friday night and stayed asleep. That never happens.
Untitled Untitled
Love experiencing things with her
these two crazies are so cute!
Untitled Untitled
Sunday night dinners
the craziest bath buddies
dark but the cutest sisterly love Sunday night

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