Sunday, August 7, 2011

31 Weeks!

I am now 31 Weeks pregnant! Nine more weeks to go! Everything has been going pretty good and I have been feeling pretty good still. Some things have become more difficult, though. I no longer can wear my wedding ring because my hands are too swollen. I can get my ring on but it looks funny and then at night it is much more difficult to get it off so I just don't even put it on anymore. It definitely feels weird not wearing it.
Yesterday Justin and I took a Birthing Basics Class at the hospital I plan on delivering Everly at. I am actually really glad that we went to the class. There were a few things I was not prepared for (like the size of the placenta) and I feel better that we won't be as surprised on delivery day! Our instructor was pretty funny too so that made the all day class a little more manageable. It did make me more anxious, however. I can't wait to have her here!

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