Monday, August 1, 2011


So excited for all of the things coming up in August! First of all, Justin and I are taking a birthing class this upcoming weekend at the hospital I plan on delivering at. We are still a good two months away from my due date, but it fits into our schedule now and better early than late! On August 15th I get to see my favorite band in concert...Death Cab for Cutie! I love their new album and can't wait to hear it live!


I am also super excited for August 20th becuase it is the date of my baby shower! Of course I am really excited to get things for our baby girl, but I am really more excited because of the fact that the baby shower is almost here, and it means that we are that much closer to meeting Everly! 

August has saved the best for last, though! On August 24th I will be leaving for NYC to see my beautiful cousin Krya (below) become Mrs. Michael Hamilton!

Of course, the wedding is going to be amazing, and it will be awesome to see a lot of my family in New York as well. I haven't seen most of them since my wedding last November so it should be fun. We are going to go see a Yankees game while in the city which will be a lot of fun, and right now we are also planning on seeing the Dave Matthews Band perform at their own festival on Governor's Island, NY. That concert will probably be a last minute decision though, since I will be 34 weeks pregnant and not sure how energetic I will be. Yay for August!!!!

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