Saturday, October 1, 2011

39 weeks!

walking the dogs this morning

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant and I don't plan on making it to 40 weeks. I have another appointment on Monday afternoon but we are scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning.  I am nervous but really excited at the same time.
If Everly is born on Tuesday she will share a birthday with my Grandma Bette (my mom's mom). My grandma passed away when I was in high school but was a very large part of my life. I definitely took it as a good sign that they were scheduling the induction for that day. I remember when my grandma passed away and I was talking to my siblings and cousins about her and that I could have sworn I was her favorite grandchild (she had 14). That's just the way she made me feel. It turns out that my siblings and cousins felt the exact same way. We all thought we were her favorite. She was exactly the kind of grandmother every kid should have. She spoiled us and she always had a huge bag of smarties in her kitchen cabinet for us. I am sad that Everly will only have one grandmother, but at the same time I am pretty sure GB passed on her magic to my mom, because I have already seen how she is with my nephew Cameron. She is going to be one spoiled little girl. I will definitely be missing my Grandma on Tuesday but hoping we are rewarded with our little girl that day!

Me with Grandma Bette (GB) on the day of my first communion. 

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