Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cameron's First Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew Cameron's first birthday. It was a baseball themed party and we all dressed up in baseball themed outfits for the party. There was peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jax to snack on we had hot dogs for dinner. The house was decorated and there was even an area with pictures of Cameron from every month. Justin made his delicious red skin potato salad with bacon for the party and of course my mom's pasta salad was present as well. There were all kinds of baseball games with cute prizes for the kids in the backyard, although the outdoor activities got cut short when a haboob showed up. We also made a little baseball photo background for fun pictures which turned out pretty well. Cameron is one lucky boy! He got so many fun presents that Everly has already gotten to try out. He also loved smashing into his first cake although he didn't actually put any in his mouth for a while, which is weird because Everly puts everything in her mouth first and Cameron usually does to. He had cake all over the place and therefore he was whisked away for a quick bath. We had a lot of fun and are so happy to have little Cameron in our lives. He is one of the sweetest baby boys you will ever meet and we can't believe how fast Year 1 went by! Here are a few pics from the day....

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