Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Today is a very special day because we get to celebrate how lucky we are to have Justin in our lives. From before Everly was even born, Justin was an amazing father. He worked hard to get her nursery ready and did everything he could to make me comfortable while I carried her. Now that she is around. It is no different. Everly may not know it yet, and she may very well dislike us when she is a teenager, but she is so lucky to have Justin as a father. He loves her so much and would do anything for her and we love him equally.

The moment they met. 

In other words, I do want to say Happy Father's Day to my own father today. To keep it short, we have gone through a lot. However, my dad is a genuinely kind man and he has taught me a lot about faith. We are in a good place now and I can't imagine not having my father in my life.  We went to dinner last week because he is in Japan right now for work but he knows we love him. Happy Father's Day to all of the father's out there!

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