Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everly's First Birthday Party

Everly's first birthday party was a success. However, it was very exhausting. Justin and I (mostly Justin) did a lot of preparing and decorating to get ready. I mean A LOT of decorating. Lots of streamers were hung and paper chains were made. I also made tissue pom poms and we hung banners and pictures and it just seemed never ending. Thursday night I kind of had a melt down because I realized I got myself into a lot more than I could handle. What's new...Justin picked up the slack and did all of the baking! I passed out with everly at like 1130 and he was up until 1 AM. That is late for us! We had professional pictures taken of Everly and Cameron Friday morning and I will share those as soon as we get them! The rest of Friday was spent cleaning and running last minute errands and finishing up decorating. We were actually ready once everyone started showing up Friday night. We had way too much food, of course, and desserts as well. We had asked everyone to donate to Sharing Down Syndrome in lieu of bringing gifts for Everly. We are so grateful to everyone who donated, however, Everly still got a ton of gifts! Justin had made her a play-kitchen and we had gotten her some food and a shopping cart for it, but she is spoiled and still got a lot of other gifts (and tons of cute clothes)! We are so glad that so many people were able to show up. It was a lot of fun! Here are a few pics from the day:
Running last minute errands
Water for the party- The labels matched the invites and other paper goods from the party designed by  Monkey Doodle Parties on Etsy.

Smash Cake!

Rainbow Candy Buffet and Rainbow Twizzler Favors

So many more desserts were added later!

The garage

We had a little photo area with some props for people to take pics!


Everly fell asleep before cake time, and when she woke up she was not all that interested :(

Her presents- she loves her car!
Playing with the kitchen Justin made her the next morning!



  1. wow!! that is quite the party! love the streamers all around! looks like it was a great time.

    1. Thanks! So much work! Think we will stick to Peter Piper next year...haha!


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