Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weekend in Review: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

I had a wonderful 4-day Memorial Day Weekend. The girls are still a little young to understand why we have the extra time off but it is not lost on us. We have immense respect for the people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and safety.

The weekend started with my sisters and the kids coming over for their first swim on Friday night. It was a good little start to the weekend. On Saturday morning I got up for a quick hike before we ran some errands and took the girls to the park. Everly is loving rock climbing. We kept it pretty quiet at home on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I went to the gym and got some grocery shopping done while Justin was working on finishing up the kitchen table he built for my sister (will post later). Sunday evening we had every over for some grilling and pool time. My sister and brother-in-law brought over their slide so that the kids could use it to slide in to the pool. We had to have someone hold it while they went down, but it was a total hit. We had yummy burgers and ended the night with s'mores and fireworks. On Sunday morning we got up early to head to the zoo. It actually wasn't that busy for a holiday weekend so that was nice. Well, the splashed was busy but thankfully summer hours start tomorrow! The little girls had matching shirts that I got them and they looked so cute. When we got home I went to the gym and then Everly wanted to go in the pool again so I hung out with her and got a little sun. We went back to my sister's for some Macaroni Grill takeout Monday night and it was a great end to a long weekend. The best part of Monday off is a short work week following. Even though summers are hot and tough, their is just something fun about all of the pool time! Here are a few pictures and a little video from the weekend:

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Can you handle this cuteness? All 6 under 6. 
Untitled Untitled
Mae. So crazy. Not graceful. 
so happy!

s'mores time
sweet cousins
Untitled Untitled
One last dip for the weekend

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