Friday, June 30, 2017

Foothills Aquatic Center

Last Sunday we took the kids to the Foothills Aquatic Center by our house for a fun pool day. We have gone several times before and if you click on "Foothills Aquatic Center" below this post you will see all the other posts about our visits there. It is fun to see how the kids have all grown! Everly was supposed to go there for a field trip the week prior for Summer Camp but we had record heat that week so they cancelled the field trip. I felt bad so we decided to go on our own. It was still insanely hot but the kids had a lot of fun. We actually had to get out of the pool for a while because some girl passed out (I think there were substances involved) so that was pretty odd but I am pretty sure she was fine. Everly had a blast on the water slide as did Mae and Cameron and Aspen and Nora loved the lazy river. I could sit in that thing all day! Teddy had a blast jumping in the big pool. The kids all got in a good nap in that day for sure! We love it there but I really just wish it opened earlier. It only opens at noon on Saturday and 11:30 on Sunday and we are early risers so that is late for us!
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Everly was not tall enough for the tall slides in the back but she will be next year!
Fearless Mae!

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