Monday, June 5, 2017

Home Depot Workshop June 2017

This past weekend we took the girls to the June Home Depot Kids Workshop. The project this month was a tic-tac-toe game and storage box. When I first told Everly what the project was she got kind of mad. She doesn't like that I don't let her win tic-tac-toe. I probably should start letting her win some so she doesn't get too defeated! We got to Home Depot early and it still was super crazy busy by the time we left. Aspen got really into her painting and Everly did great as well. This was also Everly's 25th workshop so she got a special "25" pin after she was done. That is over 2 years of workshops so it is kind of a big deal. The project ended up being really cute and would probably make a great game to travel with!
Untitled Untitled
That cheesy smile!
Untitled Untitled
Hammer time!
Untitled Untitled
Getting her 25 Star pin.
Untitled Untitled
Finished product!

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