Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everly Sandra Larkins

The day has finally come. We found out today that we are having a little girl. We have decided to name her Everly Sandra Larkins, the middle name being after Justin's mother. The ultrasound technician said she was moving around a lot...probably because I drank too much water and my bladder was really full! We got to see lots of different aspects of her anatomy. Hopefully soon I will begin to feel her movements!

After the ultrasound we toured the hospital where I plan on delivering at. I guess Justin and I are really on top of our game. I am 18 weeks pregnant and the other two couples on the tour were 24 and 32 weeks. It is a really nice hospital and apparently whenever a baby is born there they play a lullaby on the intercom system. We can't wait until the time comes for Everly's lullaby to be played!

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